Have you took part in our Social Return on Investment training and are looking for the next step of your SROI Journey?

Practitioner Status Pathway

Social Value International has launched a tiered pathway for SVI Practitioners.

This pathway will see practitioners develop their skills, knowledge and practice in social value, impact management and the practical application of the SVI framework in social impact assessment and SROI.  The SVI Framework is guided first and foremost by the Social Value Principles, and supported by guidance and standards.  This pathway is designed to ensure that individuals across the SVI network have a good level of technical understanding theoretically and in practice. This then also becomes the pre-requisite for being an accredited trainer and for provision of the assurance and accreditation services.

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Overall Criteria for all SVI Practitioner Status Levels:

All APs must be members of Social Value International (directly or through a Partner Network)

All applicants must complete an online application form

All applicants must submit a signed Ts and Cs form (Terms and conditions can be found here.)

All applicants must include an overview statement of their interest and commitment to Good Practice (read here)

Find out more about each level in this document.

Complaints / Appeals procedures:

Social Value International operates a three step complaint and appeals procedure for all Accreditation and Assurance services.  Details of this procedure can be found on the overall Assurance and Accreditation page.

Accredited Trainers

Accredited Trainers deliver Accredited training courses across the globe. Their theoretical and practical knowledge is evidenced through their Accredited Practitioner status. They then undergo additional steps to qualify as trainers. Trainer can qualify to deliver either the Accredited Social Value and SROI training courses, or the Accredited Impact Management for Enterprises training courses.

The criteria for becoming an Accredited Trainer are:

  1. Applicant must be a Level 2 Accredited Practitioner, or Level 3 Advanced Practitioner
  2. Must undertake EITHER:

• Training of Trainers course


• Observed Delivery (alongside a current Accredited Trainer)

PLEASE NOTE: Trainers are initially eligible for delivering the training course that they have undertaken as a part of their Accredited Practitioner training ONLY (i.e. Either Accredited Social Value and SROI training courses, or the Accredited Impact Management for Enterprises training courses).

Trainers can become eligible to deliver both Accredited Training courses by:

• Successfully completing the other course in full
• Undertaking a ‘top up’ 1 day session covering all aspects of the other course.


• Undertaking Train the Trainer, or Observed Delivery of the other training course

Accreditation Assessors

The Social Value International assessor’s community provide the external verification service for all report assurance and SVI Practitioner applications.

All assessors are qualified as Level 3 Advanced Practitioners.

All Level 3 Advanced Practitioners can apply to be an assessor with Social Value International.

Applications are considered individually by the Assurance Team and Social Value International CEO.

How to apply

The Assurance and Accreditation Services with SVI are managed through assurance rounds during the year. (More detail can be found on the Assurance and Accreditation overview page)

Level 1 Application: Applications for Level 1 AP can be made at any time of the year. Please Note: Your results will be released during the results rounds as detailed on the Assurance Calendar. These take place 4 times per year. Terms and conditions can be found here.

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Level 2 and 3 Application: Applications for Level 2 and 3 AP can be made during the Assurance Rounds that are detailed in the Assurance Calendar.

Fast Track applications can be arranged by request. Please reach out to the Assurance Team to discuss this further. Contact Catherine Manning here.

For further detail of how and when to apply for AP status with Social Value International please click below
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How to renew

Find a list of SVI Practitioners here.