Social Impact and SROI Training

Training Options

We offer industry-leading training on Impact Measurement and Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodologies.

Interested in tools and templates to support your impact measurement? The toolkit is full of useful tools and free for members to access, or you can find out about becoming a member here.

What we offer

As the New Zealand member network of Social Value International, we are able to provide unique services and support around the SROI methodology. Check out the links below or get in touch with us at to talk about how we can support you on your impact journey.

We provide a range of training options, from introductory courses through to full SROI Practitioner training. For information, click here.

There are three levels of certification available for those wishing to formalise their status as an SROI practitioner. The three levels are progressive, moving from an online exam to achieve level one certification to a full and unassisted SROI report to achieve level three certification.

SVA can support you through the certification process to become a registered SROI practitioner. Contact us at to find out more.

Through our network we are connected to various experts in the social impact space, and we are happy to connect you to mentors or to other organisations working in the sector. Please get in touch at and let us know what you’re looking for.

We work with Social Value International who are the global regulatory body certifying best practice in SROI methodology. Having a report or software accredited ensures best practice has been followed, and provides a stamp of certification for funders or other stakeholders. Get in touch with us at to talk about having your software product or report accredited today.


Below are some handy guides and resources to use if you’re looking into SROI or Social Value as an approach to measure and manage your impact. You can also check out our video library as well as the useful links page to find more information. Becoming a member for a small fee gives you access to our member’s resource library and toolkit, with a range of resources on SROI, leadership, change management, and other related fields.

Produced by the global Social Impact network, this quick guide provides an overview of applying the principles and how to embark on an SROI project

This is an exemplar SROI report and a good example of how to use SROI as a tool to demonstrate and communicate your impact.

Created by Peter Scholten and Social Value UK, this document explains the Value Game as one method of working with stakeholders to understand how they value their outcomes. The value game is one of the many techniques used in the valuation part of an SROI analysis, with other approaches taught in our trainings.

Free Social Value Self-Assessment Tool

Our partners at Social Value International have developed this free tool to help you gauge how well you are measuring and reporting on social value. It’s free and easy to use, and a good first step to the SROI journey