Join the community of people working to better understand and measure the impact of their work. Our membership includes a range of social enterprises, charities, students, researchers, corporates – all are welcome here. Together, we’re working to change the way society accounts for value.

Journey to Impact Practitioning

Make sure to come along to learn about how to get started on your impact journey with Anna Kroyman, CFO of Dynamo Camp & Academy. 

Click below to register for the event. We look forward to seeing you there! 

Valuation Masterclass: A Webinar with Dr. Adam Richards

Join us for this FREE interactive webinar on ways to value the impact you create within your organisation, with Social Value International’s Director of Impact, Dr. Adam Richards!

Annual General Meeting 2023

Please join us for Social Value Aotearoa’s Annual General Meeting 2023, where we will be voting on our new board. Lunch will be provided, and Zoom attendance is also available.

Get Certified with Us!

Are you interested in being able to better embed social value into your work and practice? Then consider becoming an accredited Social Return on Invesment (SROI) today!

A (Quick) Guide to the SDG Impact Standards

Based off our webinar with the only Level 3 Advanced Practitioner in Aotearoa, Dr. Sneha Lakhotia, this blog looks at the SDG Impact Standards and how they can help you embed sustainability and positive impacts into your organisation.

Social Return On Investment - What Is It and How Do I Start Practicing?

Have you been investing months of effort and money into a complex program but aren’t sure what outcomes it’s creating or how to report it? This blog looks at Social Return on Investment (SROI) and how it can help you achieve clarity and understanding on the good your organisation is producing.