Megan Shove

19 May 2022

Impact Storytelling: Techniques to Break Down Complexity

Impact Storytelling: Techniques to Break Down Complexity   One of the most challenging and interesting elements of the work that we get to do here is […]
23 February 2022

Indigenous Economics: Beyond ‘Nothing About us Without Us’

For decades now, indigenous and other marginalised communities around the world have called for ‘nothing about us without us’ when developing policy and practice. This blog […]
1 February 2022

Ben Carpenter on What to Expect in 2022

The following blog is written by Ben Carpenter, CE of Social Value International   1) Valuation of social impacts I usually start each year by declaring: “This […]
6 December 2021

How to Become a Certified Impact Management Pro

Social value, impact accounting, and impact measurements are all terms that seem to be becoming more mainstream with more organisations, companies and government departments seeking to […]
11 October 2021

The Point of it All – Being Responsive

Since its inception in 2008, the Social Value International community has been grounded by principles for how to achieve best practice in conducting social value studies […]
7 September 2021

New International Member’s Area

This blog is brought to you from Social Value International Our members and networks are the driving force behind Social Value International. It is through supporting […]